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House Concert

Suggestions for an outdoor, socially distanced, backyard concert

1. A backyard concert can help musicians weather the current economic downturn while providing music therapy to listeners.

2. Backyard concerts are great for people who love live music but don’t want to struggle with parking and/or deal with the bar scene.

3. The host selects an artist to perform in their backyard.

4. The host promotes the event to friends, co-workers, and/or family.

5. On the day of the performance, exercising social distancing guidelines, the host prepares a shaded space for the musicians to perform.

6. The host asks attendees to pay a suggested donation of at least $20 - $25 that goes directly to the artist. The host can also offer artists a guarantee ($500) and keep the profit.

7. The artist plays two 40 minute sets with a 25-minute break in between.

8. Hosts can consider live streaming (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) so guests can attend online and make donations using Cash App or Zelle.

9. It is suggested that hosts keep groups fairly small to allow for proper social distancing.

10. Backyard concerts can offer musicians and listeners an alternative to unsafe environments.

11. Not all backyard settings will be conducive to concerts.

12. Additional details and constraints would also have to be discussed in order to ensure the safety of the musicians and guests alike.


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