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Gentle Touch

Gentle Touch is about being vulnerable in love. Vulnerability is key to authenticity. It’s hard to love and not know if you will be hurt. But successful love needs vulnerability. Being vulnerable takes strength, courage, and emotional intelligence. A gentle touch…

Mirror Soul represents every version of love I have felt and currently feel. It’s simple and complex. It’s beautiful and haunting. Mostly, it’s a celebration. To be lost and then be found. To be in the fire and then come out alive. To make it back to your true self despite all the challenges.

The Morning After embodies hope. Relationships can be challenging but after going through the uncertainty of the night, the sunshine brings new joy that everything will be alright. The morning after the storm brings peace and calm.

The First Time is a memory of a moment so tender, so special, so beautiful that it became a song. The moment required vulnerability, trust, love, and courage. The first time being vulnerable in love is emotional exposure.

Growth is hard but necessary in love. Becoming represents a journey to the ideal. Doing the work necessary to reap the benefits requires time, patience, and understanding. The state of becoming.


Gentle Touch is the state I am in. To love with a gentle touch. To have empathy. To be gentle even when it’s difficult. To feel the reflection of love like the moon reflecting the light from the sun.


I hope the music inspires you to feel deeply. Enjoy!

Reginald Cyntje
December 2023

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