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Before reading, I suggest closing your eyes and listening. Let your imagination paint a vivid picture.

The Story…

In September of 2013, I began meditating on the relationship between the human spirit and elements of life. The Omnipresent Supreme Being in Fire, Earth, Sky, Water, Wind and every living creature.


With the help of Allyn, Amin, Brian, Christie, Herman and Victor, the music came to life.

When the elements are in balance, we have a harmonious environment for growth, health and happiness. In each of us, the elements are at work. There are times when one element seems to prevail…

The title track, Elements of Life, explores the concept of finding joy in all aspects of life. Our theme song plays consistently to remind us of our destiny. We have a purpose on this planet. We’ve been given the gift and responsibility of mother earth… 

Earth is structure. The solid state of matter.  On Earth, the band captures the changes Earth has undergone. In the beginning, the piano develops the theme and then the changes begin. All living beings come from mother earth. Her blues go through changes but she remains fertile.

Above the earth, there is a mesmerizing sphere filled with avant-garde mystery. Sky (Aether) is all encompassing. The day begins with a sunrise. The sunrays heat up the ocean. Under the sky, we all experience a morning start, an afternoon rush and an evening reflection. Some days are swinging. Others are as relaxed as a reggae vibration. Then…we have those funky days. Whatever our experience, we can relate to the sonic difference each day has to offer.

Fire is beautiful and transformative. In a natural eco system, fire can encourage new life on a grassy plane. But when balance is lost, fire can destroy…With fire, comes change. There are many types of flames on our planet. As you listen, meditate on the colors you see as each instrumentalist explores the beauty and power of fire. Is it explosive? Is it illuminating? Does it ignite something inside you?


Water is transportation. The universal solvent… The healing and loving power of water nourishes our body daily. As we drink from the cup of love, the solvent flows from one to the next capturing the uniqueness of each participant. Then in the spirit of unity, the rivers of ideas converge. When water meets fire, like lava romancing the ocean, steam rises. 

The child of water and fire flies freely in the sky. Wind, based on movement, flows with unending purpose. Sailing on the breath of our ancestors, the pulse of the wind drives us into action. Action for freedom, love, life, community…


The tree of life requires balance. There is a mutually beneficial relationship between human beings and trees. But the pendulum has shifted. What if the trees took a stand and marched for their rights? The March of the Trees is inevitable. The intricate root system that connects us is being severed. Without the trees, we lose our rivers, oxygen and soil. Will we find balance?


We can ultimately decide The Aftermath. It might take one or two… We can find balance within and nurture change in our community. Hopefully we can all work towards a better eco system. Not one primarily based on ego…

Reginald Cyntje
February 2014

Elements of Life
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