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Mirror Soul

The song is Cyntje’s first single. It features Allyn Johnson on piano, Herman Burney on bass, Lenny Robinson on drums, Ivan Navas on percussion, Damia Briscoe on vocals, and Reginald Cyntje on trombone. The track was recorded on June 21, 2023 and mixed / mastered on June 28, 2023 at Blue House Productions by Jeff Gruber.

Personal Notes…

Mirror Soul is a song about love. The layers of love are apparent throughout the song. The song came to life during a time of great strife. I was processing challenges of life and love. 


As a parent, I look into the eyes of my sons and see different versions of me. Their story is woven together by joys and hardships. I see my daughter rising like a phoenix from the trials of COVID. 


As an educator, I heard many stories. I listened and processed. Some stories weighed heavier on my soul than others. 


As an artist, I felt the urge to express my feelings of love and pain. My feelings of hope and exhaustion. My need to use my gift to create a release, a present, a future. 


Mirror Soul represents every version of love I felt and currently feel. It’s simple and complex. It’s beautiful and haunting. Mostly, it’s a celebration. To be lost and then be found. To be in the fire and then come out alive. To make it back to your true self despite all the challenges.

Music Notes…

Mirror Soul was written in May of 2023 as a way to process and release. This is a love song. The song starts with solo piano. Due to conflicts in life, one being was split in half. Only half the soul is present at this point. The congas signal the beginning of the search for the other half of the soul. The groove starts the search for the ultimate dance.


The two halves are closer when the melody begins. After the melody, the first discovery is honesty. Mirrors are honest. They represent truth. Truth can be uncomfortable. 


The second discovery is beauty. Our reflection can reveal deep beauty that we only see when we look closely. 


The third discovery is connection. Only our twin soul can connect with us on the deepest level possible. The connection is unexplainable.


The melody returns and the two halves are closer. The bond is undeniable.

On the outro, the two halves become one.

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