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Titles by Reginald Cyntje
Mirror Soul (2023) *Single
Healing (2020)
Rise of the Protester (2019)
Spiritual Awakening (2015)
Elements of Life (2014)
Love (2013)
Freedom's Children: The Celebration (2011)


Titles by other artists
From the Dancehall to the Battlefield (2023)
Jason Moran

Afrika Rising (2018)
Tosin Aribisala

Kouni (2018) 
Huda Asfour

Just Chillin' (2017)
Donald Birmingham 

Right To Love (2015)

Steve Washington featuring the Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra

The Score (2014)
Pete Muldoon


Rising (2014)
Afi Soul

Life Begins (2013)
Tosin Aribisala


New York Suite (2013)
Kenny Rittenhouse

Play One for Me (2013)
Bryan Lee

Ain't No More Love in This House (2013) 
Lou Pride

My Street (2013)
Ursula Ricks

Archieves (2012)

Offering (2011)
Herman Burney

Legacy (2010)

Live at Dizzy's Club Coca - Cola, Vol. 1 (2010)
Dion Parson

Troubled Child (2009)
Charles Wilson

Three Way Intersection (2008)

In Pursuit of the 9th Man (2006)
Todd Marcus

Antonio Parker and Friends: A Celebration in Jazz (2005/2015)
Antonio Parker

Howard University Jazz Ensemble (2005)

Finish Line (2004) 
Gylchris Sprauve

Live at the Jazz Standard (Unreleased)
Illinois Jacquet Orchestra

The Exchange (2001)
Antonio Parker

A Work In Progress (2000)
Thad Wilson

Howard University Jazz Ensemble (1998)

Imagination Brass (1996)

Soca Cry (1996)
General Val

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